We are staging the Ice Music Festival Norway in Finse for a second year as the audience reception last was overwhelmingly positive, with many people commenting on the beauty and frozen solitude of the views the wonderful vibe the location emits. We, as and creative organisation that strives to offer a truly unique aural experience, were also really pleased with the tranquility and natural silence / acoustics of the area. However visiting our festival does require a little additional planning - both in travel and accommodation, planning we strongly believe is well rewarded with a super overall Ice Music Festival Norway experience. The following notes will assist your travel and accommodation.


Geilo Station - always bustling for the next comfortable train to Bergen, via Finse!

Finse 1222 Hotel entrance right next to Finse Station platform!


Whether you're arriving from Bergen on the west coast or the country's capital Oslo further south, you'll be travelling on one of the world's most scenic railways - the Bergensbanen (if you would like to see a teaser of the landscape you'll be passing through, then check out NSB's video below). The Bergensbanen Railway will be the only way to arrive at to attend Ice Music Festival Norway and the Finse Station platform is located around 10m from the historic Finse 1222 Hotel, where you can buy warm & cosy drinks, food and stunning views of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier around 80m from the Ice Music Festival Norway stage itself.

*Please note that during winter months it is only possible to travel to Finse by train - no road access whatsoever*

For Ice Music Festival Norway 2018, we ensured that all our performances synced with the train arrivals (from either Bergen or Oslo) so there was no train noise through the performances and, of course, to allow easy transit for audience members who were staying in Geilo. The performance / train synchronisation worked perfectly and allowed for the audience to spend time absorbing the atmosphere and attending the performances.

* Important message regarding the program for Saturday 16th of February, Ice Music Festival Norway 2019*

A little update, as it turns out there are a limited train options on Saturday, so if you are staying somewhere else than in Finse, it will not be possible for you to go to the "Ice Jam" at 21:00 or the "Ice dance club" at 23:00. The last train from Finse to Geilo / Oslo departs from Finse at 18:19, after the "Go East" concert. The last train from Finse to Bergen will depart from Finse at 19:59. If you are staying in Geilo during the festival, we recommend that you buy single tickets for the Climate seminar at 15:00 and the "Go east" concert at 17:00 on Saturday 16th of February. Please go to NSB for all the train times from Oslo S, Bergen, Geilo to and from Finse - the service is clear, very. reasonably priced and easy to navigate.


In addition to staying in the lovely Finse 1222 Hotel, there is a huge amount of accommodation for most budgets in nearby Geilo and Haugastøl. Please visit Visit Geilo and Haugastøl 1000 M.O.H where you find a wealth of information. So although Finse is light on places to stay, the combination of Geilo & Haugastøl’s accommodation, NSB’s train service and our performance timings, we’re confident you’ll have an amazing visit! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a message info@icemusicfestivalnorway.no


The weather in Finse can be very cold, easily reaching -20ºC or lower. The colder temperatures are perfect for the incredibly dynamic fragility of Ice Music because the colder the air temperature, the clearer the sound of Ice, which displays a far wider dynamic range. We limit the duration of each performance to typically 30 minutes to combat any serious cold setting in and our arena / performance area is well protected from the wind and with so many people packed in - you all bring the warmth! Just metres away is the warmth and informal luxury of Finse 1222 Hotel where you can relax and meet other audience members from afar - we met people who travelled from Australia, across Europe and the USA just to experience Ice Music Festival Norway. So seek out your warmest clothing and join us on a truly exotic aural journey!

With thank our gracious sponsor Ustekveikja Energi, who allowed for all the costs of our ice extraction for 2019! Click the logo below to find out more about their offerings.


Photographs on this page Emile Holba