Our Exciting 2019 Programme is now live

We’re pleased to announce the programme of amazing musicians and artists performing at the Ice Music Festival Norway in Finse in 2019.

Combing world class musicians and nature’s sensational seasonal gifts of snow & ice, our unique festival offers audiences a chance to experience music created in an icy, aural winter wonderland. 2019 will be our 14th consecutive year channeling the collaborative spirit of music, art & science.

Like what you see below? then head over to our TicketMaster store to book your festival passes and seek out your warmest clothing! We look forward to welcoming you to our icy aural heaven in Finse, Norway 🇳🇴


Relax ‘cooling down your stress’ concert

Kjetil Møster Sax IceBalloon.

Terje Isungset Ice Horns, Ice Percussion, Ice Drums & Iceofon.

Maria Skranes Vocals.

During this concert we will present this year’s newest ice instrument invention - the Sax IceBalloon! We don’t know how it will sound but we’ll aim to make some relaxed and cool vibrations. Experienced ice musicians Terje & Maria will perform together with super talented Kjetil Møster, who is new to creating sounds from ice. However Kjetil has made projects with Pat Metheny and Chick Corea, so we’re confident he can rise to the challenge…

Students from the Jazz department at Faculty of Fine Art, Music And Design at University of Bergen: Gaute Ullestad Moen (ice percussion), Andreas Hatzikirakidis (ice trumpet) & Thomas Linde Lossius (ice bass) will accompany the performance.

All musicians at this year’s festival will create and build their own instruments out of ice!


Ice & Water

The world’s most important resource - water - is the keyword in this concert. As well as being vital for supporting life and a healthy planet, water is also a great resource for making music!

Part 1

Terje Isungset on his Ice Percussion, assisted by jazz students performing on ice & water instruments.

Part 2

Mari Kvien Brunvoll Vocals, Ice percussion, Electronics, Sampling and Ice Instruments.

Mari Kvien Brunvoll from Molde, Norway has been touring extensively as a solo artist since 2008 and has been described as ‘an exceptional talent’. Performing as a compelling solidarity figure on stage, Mari Kvien will be surrounded by kalimba, kazoo, zither and various electronics to sample and manipulate her voice, ensuring a memorable concert experience. Mari Kvien Brunvoll has a unique ability to capture the listener into her universe and never let you go. This time, she will involve instruments made of ice in her unique universe, with a different touch of coldness.


Ice Lounge

Ivar Kolve Iceofone.

Snorre Bjerck Ice Drums.

Bendik Baksaas Live Electronics / Sampling of Ice.

Bendik Baksaas is a Norwegian composer, DJ and musician who works a lot with looping techniques and minimal tempos. Bendik has collaborated with many Norwegian musicians and in 2019, he will weave some magic with Ivar Kolve and Snorre Bjerck - both of which have performed in Ice Music Festival Norway before. Expect a heady mix of rhythmical drums, sampled ice instruments and a melodic ice marimba (iceofone).


Beauty of Winter

Maria Skranes Vocal, Live Electronics & Ice Percussion.

Terje Isungset Ice horns, Ice Percussion, Ice Drums & Iceofone.

Terje Isungset and Maria Skranes are currently ice music year round - even in the summer time. With a mobile ‘Ice Truck’, Terje & Maria are touring all over the world - including Japan, Russia, Canada and, of course, all over Norway. During this legendary midnight concert, they will play music from Terje’s most recent album Beauty of Winter.



Greenland Ice Cap & Science

Kerim H Nisancioglu & Silje Smith-Johnsen from Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research. Kerim is Professor of Climate Dynamics in the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Bergen.

Terje Isungset Ice Horns, Ice Percussion, Ice Drums & Iceofon.

Art and science! How to combine these? Collaborating for many years now, Kerim & Terje have presented climate science and the perils of a accelerated Arctic ice in schools, festivals and concert halls in an accessible and informative way. Earlier this summer, they went to the top of the extremely remote Greenland Ice Cap as a part of the amazing Eastgrip project. In 2019, fellow Eastgrip Project scientist Silje will bring ice from the Greenland Ice Cap (that was used for climate research) to Finse, where Terje will perform his aural magic with the ancient and special ice.


Go East

Music with inspiration from Tuva, Altai and Mongolia.

Daniel Herskedal Tubice Balloon.

Bjørn Tomren Throat Singing & Vocal.

Snorre Bjerck Ice Drums.

Another new ice instrument for 2019 - the Tubice Balloon!

Daniel performed the amazing Tubice at the Ice Music Festival Norway back in 2015. Now he returns with a brand new design and we can’t wait to hear how it sounds! Joining Daniel is the extraordinary throat singer Bjørn, who will bring his songs and memories from the far east. Master drummer Snorre will provide the icy percussive tempo.


Ice Jam!

DJ Bendik Baksaas Live Electronics / Samplings of Ice.

Terje Isungset Ice Horns, Ice Percussion, Ice Drums & Iceofon.

Maria Skranes Vocal, Live Electronics & Ice Percussion.

Ivar Kolve Iceofone.

Improvisers love a jam session…


Finse 1222 (indoor)

Ice Dance Club

DJ Bendik Baksaas Live Electronics / Samplings of Ice from the concerts. All remixed into a dance session!

DJ Bendik will use sound samples from the ice instruments performed at the festival only for this dance session. Brand new music, made to make you move and dance the cold away. Heat up the night in Finse 1222 nightclub - surely one of the most uniquely placed dance floors in the world.

Venue Construction & Scenographics

Throughout the festival there will be scenographic structures in ice and light created by the incredible and industrious team responsible the design and construction of the Ice Music Festival Norway venue. The physical framework for the concert venue is ‘Cold as Ice’ a magical frozen atmosphere that will be built up around the audience and the musicians playing to protect them from the extreme winter climate that Finse offers.

Leadership is provided by Professor Petter Bergerud, who has been building extraordinary structures from snow & ice for decades. Petter will oversee a team consisting of the following design students of the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen: Malin Haugland, Kamile Leed, Thea Mcdowall, Taran Neckelmann, Maud Pold, Jolien Celis, Lara Koenig, Une Brekke, Juni Bunkholdt, Ingrid Engelsen, Njål Granhus, Mille Grøm, Miriam Hanssen-Sleire, Njål Hatteberg.

Purchase your Ice Music Festival Norway 2019 passes over at our TicketMaster store. See you in the dark, exotic mountains of Finse!

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