Estonia’s Finest Ice Sculptors Join The Ice Music Festival

On board the 16.01 train from Oslo S this afternoon are 3 of Estonia’s finest snow and ice sculptors.

Leena Kuutmaa, Elo Liiv & Mari Hiiemäe are joining the Ice Music Festival Team to create some extraordinary ice sculptures to accompany the musical performances across the Ice Music Festival. Their creations will then be left for the community of Geilo to enjoy, before melting back into nature later this spring.

Although Leena, Elo & Mari are trained to utilise regular sculpting media, all 3 relish the challenge of using more unusual materials, such as paper and wood, they have found that working with snow and ice offers a fantastic winter modelling alternative.

Elo Liiv and Leena Kuutma have received Masters in Art Education from the Estonian Art Academy in Tallinn. Elo Liiv has also studied in Sweden, Spain and Finland. She is a curator of Estonian Light Art Biennale, an art teacher, and a very experienced fabricator of metals, from galvanised steel panels through to bronze and aluminum. Although her main passion is creating 'light art', especially coupled with sound, which produces an extremely fluid and dynamic installation.

Leena Kuutmaa is a member of the prestigious Union of Estonian Artists and along with four solo exhibitions in Estonia, she has gained great success in many international ice sculpting competitions. Leena's installations have been exhibited right across Europe - from Germany and Austria to Turkey and Denmark - as well Finland, Latvia and her native Estonia.

Mari Hiiemäe is a 4th year sculpture student of Tartu Art College. Mari´s ice and snow sculpting experience comes from working on different projects in Estonia. Straight after participating in the Ice Music Festival, Mari will fly to Winnipeg to compete in the International Competition of Snow Sculptures 2014 - a busy start to the year.

Are you following the Ice Music Festival on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram? Fancy seeing Leena, Elo and Mari’s icy creations? Do you want to experience what an ice music orchestra sounds like? Well you can, just click here for Ticketmaster and book your tickets today. Full Ice Music Festival programme details here.

Only 4 days to go!!

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