Ice Music Festival Day 2

What an amazing start to Ice Music Festival 2014 last night, with one of Norway's finest Halling Dancers Anders Aasberg literally kicking off the festival's 3 days of music and art performances.

Today has been full-on, with our team of amazing volunteers, ice carvers and musicians beavering away in the deep snow and cold. 5 of them here were caught skipping work :-)


This morning saw the centre of Geilo fill up with pupils from the local school. With soooo much snow, the pupils had a brilliant time making seats in the light, fluffy stuff. Frode Eggen, Rob Waring and Eldbjørg Raknes performed an extraordinary 45 minutes of improvised spoken word and dramatic sound. The audience went nuts!


Another 30 minutes to go for the opening of the incredible Estonian ice sculptors' art display - the stage wall has never looked so cool, with each sculptor over 4 meters in height.

If you are Geilo and want to see and hear some of the world's most unique music, then arrive in time to catch tonight main performance at 9pm. The snow is falling, we have reindeer skin seats laid out and a variety of hot drinks ready to warm people up.

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Ice Music Festival