9 Days Until Ice Music Heaven!

2014 Ice Music Festival is soon upon us.

The Ice Music Team will be descending on Geilo this weekend. We have a brand new stage and arena to build, with all hands on deck from next Monday morning. For the following 4 busy days, a crack team of volunteers, Helder, Bill, Terje and all the guest musicians will be carving, tuning and building the world's finest icy aural destination.

Here are some highlights:

Terje Isungset, Arve Henriksen and Eilif Gundersen will be pushing the boundaries of improvisation. Rob Waring will be at the controls of his mighty Iceophon, whilst Lena Nymark, Eldbjørg Raknes & Anna Maria Friman will be bringing their amazing 'other world' vocal talent.

See Hallingkast King Anders Aasberg and listen to Frode Eggen's spoken word. Wonder at the ice and snow creations of Estonia's foremost snow artists!

Which songs will Svante & Katarina be rocking out too this year? Will Bill and Sidsel create the ultimate Ice Harp? And just what will Bill create this year during his ever-popular Bill Covitz show (can anyone tell us why he doesn't have his own US Network ice carving show yet...?)

Full programme details here. To book tickets through Ticketmaster - click here. Advance tickets have been selling early this year, so don't miss out!

Random pic of the day - the reality of ice carving. Yep, taking a shower next to drying chainsaws is completely normal...

Ice Music Festival