Geilo Is Cooling Down For The Ice Music Festival

Ice Music Fans of the world!

You'll be pleased to know that much colder weather is arriving in Buskerud county this weekend. The YR.NO forecast looks pretty darn sweet, as air temperatures of -13 to -17c are simply perfect for the ice crystals - they really sing at those temperatures...

If you are visiting the Ice Music Festival for the first time and are not used to standing around in these temperatures, (throw in light windchill and these forecast temperatures feel more like -17 to -22c or lower) then please do not underestimate how much warm clothing and considered layers you'll need.

Merino wool base layers work wonders, as do thick merino socks - Icebreaker fits beautifully. Boots from manufacturers like Sorel come into their own too. If you've skied or snowboarded in the past, then climb in the loft and grab those salopettes, puffy jackets and warm hats!

8 days to go!!!

Ice Music Festival