BBC Radio 6 Music / Fiona Talkington / Ice Music Festival Special Report

We are really pleased that BBC Radio 6 Music has taken great interest in 2014's Ice Music Festival. A number of shows and presenters have put together a mixture of interviews, on location reporting and live recording, with the first aired on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone.

The second part of this BBC Radio coverage continues on 2nd February at 00.00hrs (GMT) with a special report from the Ice Music Festival with Fiona Talkington.

Fiona's love and passion for Norwegian music and culture is seemingly boundless, deeply insightful and has earned her a Royal Norwegian Order of Merit, which acknowledges her extensive role in the Norwegian Arts world.

So it was a real privilege for the Ice Music Festival that Fiona came to Geilo to compile a special report for BBC Radio. During her 4 days in the deep snow and cold, Fiona interviewed the musicians and artists, accompanied Even Rygg out onto a frozen lake to harvest ice and learn ice carving skills from Bill Covitz!

Click on the image below for a link to the radio show....

Ice Music Festival