Poland's Popular Travel Writing Duo Report On Ice Music Festival 2014

Alicja Rapsiewicz & Andrzej Budnik are a fantastic travel writing team who adventure under the name Los Wiaheros (a playful take on the Spanish for explorers) and they have journeyed extensively across Asia, including cycling from Bangkok to Poland...

After establishing contact, Alicja & Andrzej asked if they could pitch their tent in Geilo. Yep, it is completely normal to set-up one's tent in deep snow and in nightly temperatures of below -24c. To continue their adventure, Los Wiaheros arrived at a little after midnight after hitch hiking from their flight arrival in Oslo.

Extremely self sufficient and building a large and loyal online readership, Alicja & Andrzej's reports have become well respected and Los Wiaheros has become a popular travel portal in Poland.

They have produced a report and accompanying video. Click the 2 images below to read and watch more.

The Ice Music Festival team send warm regards to Krakow and hope to see you both return for our 10th anniversary from 5 - 7 February 2015!

Ice Music Festival