Climate Battle Arena

If would you like to discover how the climate destroyed our 2019 venue, then we are fitting in an extra talk at 4pm, straight after Greenland Ice Cap & Science performance with Silje Smith-Johnsen from Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research and Terje Isungset.

Professor Petter Bergerud & photographer Emile Holba will present documentation detailing how severe the weather was here in Finse during the last week and why we had no choice but to go with plan B venue in the old railway shed. Located in the Boogie club in the basement of Finse 1222 Hotel, Petter and Emile will start at 4pm and the conversation will last 30 mins, so you have time to get back to the 5pm concert :-)

2019 will be be remembered when we renamed the Ice Music Festival Norway venue the ‘Climate Battle Arena’.

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Photographs featured in this news post and across the Ice Music Festival Norway website are taken by Emile Holba.

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