Epic Ice Double Bass

Very late last night in a chilly -20.5c, the mighty Bill Covitz put the finishing touches to our 10th anniversary ice instrument backdrop featuring the ice double bass. And yes, this ice double bass is seriously large - the neck alone is over 4m in length...

The Ice Music Festival crew have done an amazing job in completing an incredible snow & ice arena and stage. Lighting and sound techs have been installed their gear all day and musicians and artists have been arriving all day - Ice Music Festival 2015 is nearly ready to go-go.

Our first event 'Mr Ping' starts at 17.30hrs today. Check out Knut Lothe's story over at our programme page. Later tonight is 'Meltwater' at 20.00hrs when Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit performs a specially commissioned Ice Music Festival 10th Anniversary composition.

Tickets for all events are available at our Ticketmaster outlet here.

Warp up warm!

All photographs captured by Emile Holba.

Ice Music Festival