Faculty of Art, Music & Design of University of Bergen Constructing Ice Music Festival 2018

For the last few years, we have teamed up with Norway's prestigious Faculty of Art, Music & Design, at the University of Bergen (KHiB) to create some fantastic Ice Music Festival venues, from large ice igloos to detailed backdrops for film projections. So we are super happy that the team from KHiB will be returning in 2018 to construct our wonderful new venue in Finse, Norway. 

The team consists of University of Bergen degree students who are studying furniture design, spatial design, interior architecture and visual communication and led by Professor Petter Bergerud, an architect who's a leading master of experimental structures and geometric challenges - a perfect CV for overseeing the specialist needs of our Ice Music Festival venue.

Petter is pictured to left outside one of the entrances to an acoustic ice 'church' for 2015's Ice Music Festival. 

Finse can get very cold and potentially windy, so without the right structure(s) in place to protect the musicians and audience from the weather conditions, the magic of Ice Music can be diminished. With Petter and his team in place, we're super excited that Finse will look and feel amazing. Want proof? just check out these enormous cathedrals of ice that engulfed musicians, audio & lighting tech and the cosy audience below! (click any to enlarge).

If you haven't booked your tickets for Ice Music Festival 2018 in Finse, then pop over to our online ticket shop - if you'd like to spread the sound of Ice Music, then follow us on Twitter and see our pictures and stories on Instagram. You can also check out who's performing here. See you in Finse on Feb 2nd & 3rd 2018 ❄️ #icemusicfestival2018

Photographs featured in this news post and across the Ice Music Festival website are taken by Emile Holba.

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