How to get to Geilo to witness our unique Ice Music Festival

Geilo is situated almost exactly halfway between Oslo and Bergen in the southern, mountainous part of Norway and easily accessible by car, train or bus.


No direct air link to Geilo however numerous airlines, both low cost / budget and premium carriers connect with Oslo’s 3 airports - Gardermoen / Torp / Rygge and Bergen International airport. Skyscanner is a good reference point for flight availability. 


The Bergen Railway is one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world, according to Lonely Planet, the Norwegian National Public Broadcaster NRK, and the national Norwegian newspaper, Aftenposten. So be sure to book your journey in daylight hours!

The train takes 3.5 hours from Oslo S (Oslo's central / main station) and about 3 hours from Bergen. The NSB (Norway’s National Rail Company) train runs through some of the most beautiful, wild and unspoiled nature in Norway - vistas abound! The train from both Oslo S & Bergen has 5 - 6 arrivals / departures daily. Booking online is very simple and we recommend paying the little extra for a Komfort seat.


The shortest route between Oslo and Bergen is Rv 7. The Rv 7 over Hardangervidda and along the Hardanger Fjord is a national tourist route. You can also follow the Rv 50 over the mountains from west to east with the scenery between Aurland and Hol particularly magnificent. From Hol, it is another 10 km to Geilo. 

Alternatively, if you arriving from south of Norway into Larvik via ferry, then the quickest route to Geilo is the Fv 40 running through north via Hvittingfoss, Kongsberg and Rødberg. 

Please note: if you are arriving from a different country and intend to drive to Geilo, we recommend you reference Norwegian Public Roads Administration. Their English website offers clear information regarding tyre and chain, route planning and legal requirements.


Geilo has nearly 5,000 beds available and the town’s status as one of Norway’s premiere and largest snowsport resorts, means there is a wonderful choice of accommodation available. From traditional family run hotels, to spa resorts, private apartments and woodland luxury cabins. 

A comprehensive list of the accommodation available (for most budgets too) can be viewed through our dear friends at Visit Geilo.

Ice Music Festival co-founder Pål Knutsson Medhus 😎

If you are intrigued and fancy experiencing the world's first and only Ice Music Festival, where all the instruments are made from locally sourced fjord ice, then head over to our About / Where Is Geilo and Ticketmaster shop to organise your visit.

#icemusicfestival2016 will be a truly unique way to kick start 2016!

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