Ice Music Festival 2018

Still air, a full moon and -20ºc = a perfect Ice Music Festival. Photo: Emile Holba

We're as excited as ever to present the 13th annual Ice Music Festival in Geilo, Norway from Jan 31st  to 4th February 2018.

Creating a unique aural experience, the world’s only Ice Music Festival defines a truly original musical genre solidly cast from ice, snø and the astounding mountain scenery that engulfs the small and welcoming town of Geilo. Tickets are already on sale over at Tikkio and the full artist line up will be announced on October 1st 2017. Stay tuned for news* and updates via our TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

We look forward to welcoming you to the frozen north early next year ❄️

*Please note that this is the first news post for 2018's festival. After deciding to rest this service for 2017 with all announcements going out on Facebook, Twitter, we felt that having a central blog of the news items here on the Ice Music Festival site acts as easy reference - instead of scrolling through endless timelines.   

Ice Music Festival