Mary Anne Hobbs is spell bound by Mamadou's Ice Balafon

For our 10th anniversary year in 2015, DJ / radio presenter / producer / journalist and high quality music filter Mary Anne Hobbs made a pilgrimage to Geilo to experience ice music in its live, emotive form. Mary Anne was wowed and rapidly fell under the spell of what she heard. 

One of the stand out performances was that of Africa's Mamadou Diabate - one of the world's leading balafon players. Hailing from Burkina Faso, Mamadou created the world's first ice balafon with ice carving god Bill Covitz. The result was utterly sublime, with Mamadou playing with rare virtuosity and passion.

We are really chuffed that Mary Anne has included Mamadou's debut at the Ice Music Festival in her round up of musical highlights of 2015. You can hear this list on her BBC 6 Recommends show. And Mamadou is rolling with fierce company too - Kendrick Lamar, Aldous Harding, David Bowie and Nils Frahm, to name a few! 

Such was the success of Mamadou's ice balafon, he's returning to #icemusicfestival2016  😀❄️

If you are intrigued and fancy experiencing the world's first and only Ice Music Festival, where all the instruments are made from locally sourced fjord ice, then head over to our About / Where Is Geilo and Ticketmaster shop to organise your visit.

#icemusicfestival2016 will be a truly unique way to kick start 2016!

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