Terje Isungset released his latest Ice Music album today called 'Meditations'. Recorded at multiple locations across the globe from Greenland, Nunavut (Arctic Canada), Spitsbergen and Russia to Norway, Sweden and Italy. As well as making recordings from 100,000 year old ice extracted from Antartica!

If you love what you hear - hear it again in person by booking our special Saturday Midnight Concert where Terje will perform the album. You can book your ticket easily over at our Ticketmaster page.

Terje Isungset: Icehorns, Ice Percussion, Iceofon, Crushed Ice, Voice & Icedrums
Lena Nymark: Voice 
Arve Henriksen: Trumpet & Voice 
Anders Jormin: Double Bass 
Mats Eden: Viola d’amore 
Svante Henryson: Ice Cello 
Reidar Skår: Keyboards & Programming 

You can purchase the album via download at iTunes and Amazon or in a highest quality FLAC file over at Klicktrack

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