Jam Packed 10th Anniversary 2015 Program

Yippee, the 10th anniversary 2015 Ice Music Festival program has been released in full and needless to say, we're excited - brand new locations, an ever expanding range of musical genres and curiosities, plus 4 day of performances - making the 2015 Ice Music Festival our largest yet.

View of the Ice Music Festival stage with Terje & Lena performing in Geilo's central amphitheatre January 2014 

View of the Ice Music Festival stage with Terje & Lena performing in Geilo's central amphitheatre January 2014 

Brief Highlights 

16 amazing musicians & artists fresh to the Ice Music Festival are ready to perform a heady mix of icy sounds combined with electronic sampling, African tempos and spoken word. All backed up by wondrous Ice Music regulars - musical improv hero Arve Henriksen, ethereal vocalists Lena Nymark & Anna Maria Friman, local horn blower Eilif Gundersen and the Ice Music Creator & Artistic Director himself - Terje Isungset (AKA The Ice Man).

We are so pleased to welcome Jan BangMamadou DiabateMargit MyhrSigurd Ytre-ArneSteinar MossigeTrio MediaevalAnders JorminStein Arne Rimehaug and Therese Skauge. And our 2015 specially commissioned piece 'Meltwater' is composed and will be performed by Sigurd Rotvik Tunestveit

Mr. Ping the penguin is arriving to entertain all the family and Bill Covitz is joined by Helge Norbakken & Mamadou Diabate in action packed event called Three Continents. We are also launching our first seminar presented by one of the world's leading environmental scientists - Kerim Nisancioglu from the Bjerknes Centre at the University of Bergen talk about Arctic melt. 

Artist Oddbjorg Reinton lends a visual focus with her Arctic inspired paintings, which will be shown during the Icelandic Ice Sessions and continued for a week later in Geilo's ultra modern cultural church.




Our famous Saturday midnight concert - With A 10th Anniversary Twist - Bergen University College of Architecture headed by Petter Bergerud are creating a very special new Ice Music Festival arena in remote nature. This special concert location can only be experienced at night with no modern light pollution and is located around 5km outside Geilo.

The pupils of Bergen University College of Architecture will create a spectacular light setting in and around the location, that is an art project in itself!

For a small price, we are also offering a special mode of transport to get to 'Meditations' - cross country skis! Assisted by professional guides form Geilo's Slaatta Skisenter (Geilo Ski School) - the midnight concert is a perfect way to try cross country skis for the first time and connect with mother nature. Skiing by moonlight!

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