Amazing Ice Concert Celebrating Norway's 200th Anniversary

Kongeriget Norges Grundlov (full English title - Constitution of the Kingdom of Norway) was signed 200 years ago by the Norwegian Constituent Assembly in the town of Eidsvoll (around an hour's drive north-ish of Oslo) in 1814 when the country gained independence from Denmark.

The start of a year of bicentenary celebrations began on February 16th in Eidsvoll, with a huge national televised event showing off Norway's finest art & cultural heritage.

The line-up included Terje accompanied by many of his regular Ice Music compadres playing his signature Ice Music song - 'A Glimpse of Light'.

The Ice Music Band:
Lena Nymark / Singer
Sara Marielle Gaup / Joik (traditional Sami singer)
Arve Henriksen / Ice Trumpet
Svante Henrysson / Ice Cello
Sidsel Walstad / Ice Harp
Helge Nordbakken / Ice Drum
Terje Isungset /  Iceofone
Asle Karstad / Sound for TV
Sven Persson / Live Sound
Bill Covitz, Jeffrey & Bernad Svidal / Ice Instrument Creation

Ice Music Festival