NSB *Bergensbanen* Awaits...

After 12 wonderful years creating icy musical magic in Geilo, we are relocating to the higher ground of Finse for the 13th Ice Music Festival. Finse is only accessible by train in the winter and its elevation also makes it the highest point on NSB's (Norway's national railway) network.

Whether you're arriving from Bergen on the west coast or the country's capital Oslo further south, you'll be travelling on one of the world's most scenic railways - the Bergensbanen. If you would like to see a teaser of the landscape you'll be passing through, then check out NSB's video below.

Don't forget that if you are staying in Geilo, the railway will be the only way to arrive at the Ice Music Festival, located around 100m from the historic Finse 1222 hotel, where you can buy warm & cosy drinks, food and stunning views of the Hardangerjøkulen glacier. For more details of train times for both days of the festival, please look at this page.

If you like the quick 90 seconds of travel time on the NSB, you may like to really go into a meditation zone with a full 7hrs 14mins realtime video of the Bergensbanen journey. Norway is the king of slow TV...

If you haven't booked your tickets for Ice Music Festival 2018 in Finse, then pop over to our online ticket shop - if you'd like to spread the sound of Ice Music, then follow us on Twitterand see our pictures and stories on Instagram. You can also check out who's performing here. See you in Finse on Feb 2nd & 3rd 2018 ❄️ #icemusicfestival2018

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