Our 2016 Ice Music Festival Programme Begins...

2015 witnessed our 10th year and we staged our largest festival to date. With sell out performances across all 4 days, even a serious winter storm couldn't hold us back! We're really excited about the plans we have in store for 2016 and look forward to sharing our full programme details very soon.

Please see our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @IceMusicGeilo or check in with our website news for updates. In the meantime we're proud to confirm that the following artists will be performing in 2016...with many more artists to follow!

Arve Henriksen - the true master of spatial, ethereal and a most delicate trumpet sound. Arve's infectious improvising spirit bonds perfectly with the challenges of playing natural ice. We're pleased to welcome him back to the Ice Music Festival for a 3rd time!

Jon Halvor Bjørseth - electronics wizard Jon trail-blazed with Terje during the world's first Ice Music tour in 2007.  Jon has experience of performing his transistor magic in temperatures of below -33ºc, beat that!

Snorre Bjerck - collecting unique samples of traditional folk music from around the world, from Asia to Africa, Snorre's percussion talent  was founded during his time in the famously influential Jazz Program at Trondheim Musikkonservatorium. Expect complex rhythms. 

Helge Norbakken - returning for his second year, Helge's played with just about everyone worth listening too in the Scandinavian music scene. Helge's international connections read like musical royally, as he's part of minimal composition legend Jon Hassell's 'Maarifa Street'. Will Helge perfect the rarest of all Ice Music, the ice drum? We think he will...

Trio Mediæval - producing some of ECM Records' finest impressions, Anna Maria, Linn Andrea and Berit Opheim continue to raise the bar with their exquisite harmonised vocals. Performing to sell out audiences at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Centre, the Wigmore Hall and  forging projects with the likes of John Adams and David Lang, we're excited to see what Trio Mediæval create with the chilly sounds of Ice Music.

Daniel Herskedal - look below, yep that's Daniel playing the world's first Ice 'Tuba' back in 2013. Pushing the boundaries of what's possible from the tuba, Daniel's technical virtuoso is matched by his enthralling sonics. What will he and ice sculptor supremo Bill Covitz contour up this time? We can still feel the bass notes deployed by that Ice Tuba Behemoth!

Terje Isungset - aka The Iceman Original. Ice Music was born when Terje performed under a frozen waterfall in Lillehammer in 1999. Terje composes, tinkers and has an inquisitive passion to seek new materials to perform percussion with and he wanted to make a special sound to reflect the emotion of the mighty waterfall. Growing up in the wintery landscape of Geilo, Terje decided the time was right for natural ice to 'sing'. It did and the rest, they say, is history. Ice Music took off and with Pål Knutsson Medhus, they co-founded the annual Ice Music Festival.

Travelling to Geilo couldn't be easier with strong flight connections to both Oslo & Bergen airports, along with trains running from both cities to Geilo, up to 4 times a day. All the information you need is detailed on our 'Where is Geilo' page.

Experience a unique festival where all instruments are made from natural ice 21 - 24 January 2016 Geilo, Norway. We look forward to seeing you all wrapped up warm next January!

Ice Music Festival