Perfect Morning

Wow, what a perfect way to start our first day of the Ice Music Festival 2018!

After a week of extremely challenging weather pretty well destroying a number of venue designs, we are finally making progress - just in time for our first concert at 17hrs. The lovely people at Finse 1222 Hotel will make you welcome in their bar / cafe, where you can enjoy the views before heading out into the cold.  

Don't forget to pack your warm clothing, as the temperature (wind free) will creep between -14ºc to -20ºc at for the midnight concert. For the most accurate forecast, please use 

The Polar Expedition Training company return after a night out in the cold wilderness and encounter our Ice Music venue 

If you haven't booked your tickets for Ice Music Festival 2018 in Finse, then pop over to our online ticket shop - if you'd like to spread the sound of Ice Music, then follow us on FacebookTwitter and see our pictures and stories on Instagram. You can also check out who's performing here. See you in Finse on Feb 2nd & 3rd 2018 ❄️ #icemusicfestival2018

Photographs featured in this news post and across the Ice Music Festival website are taken by Emile Holba.

Ice Music Festival