The Cut Team

Tonnes of natural ice needs to be cut and shaped into the magical ice music instruments that starts the heartbeat of the Ice Music Festival. Each intricate ice music instrument is completely unique and once the festival is finished, they simply melt away back to nature. It takes a week of hard work to organise the all the ice and is overseen by ice sculpting god Bill Covitz (signature red attire) along with his trusted right hand men - Ben & Adam.

Want to to see the ice instruments sparkle on stage? Want to hear our world class musicians play them? Want to experience the world's only Ice Music Festival? Its simple, dig out your warmest winter clothes, book flights to either Oslo or Bergen and jump on the NSB train to Geilo. 

For full details about travelling to the Ice Music Festival and information about where to stay in Geilo, please see our 'Where is Geilo' page. To check out our illustrious line up for 2016, see our '2016 Artists' page and booking tickets and passes is simple with our Ticketmaster outlet.

Ice Music Festival