The Ice Hunter

As soon as the temperatures drop in November, Even Rygg starts inspecting the local fjords for the best naturally formed ice to create our famous ice music instruments. Even has a number of 'go-to' secret locations and after many years of testing with Ice Music Festival co-founder Terje Isungset, they've refined the art of exactly where to extract the best sounding ice. 

Yep, natural 'wild' ice has a huge acoustic frequency range and the lower the temperature the ice is played, the fuller and 'warmer', (yes, strangely warmer) the sound emitted becomes. Manufactured / artificially grown ice is acoustically dead and is only good for structural support and decoration. 

How will the ice sound in 2016? 

Here is Even walking around a tiny frozen island in the centre of one of our prime ice harvesting spots. If you'd like to see a more of Even harvesting ice (pre-dawn) and more behind the scenes photographs of the Ice Music Festival, then head over to photographer Emile Holba's Ice Music gallery

Even Rygg on the hunt for fresh wild ice...

If you are intrigued and fancy experiencing the world's first and only Ice Music Festival, where all the instruments are made from locally sourced fjord ice, then head over to our About / Where Is Geilo and Ticketmaster shop to organise your visit.

#icemusicfestival2016 will be a truly unique way to kick start 2016!

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Ice Music Festival