Wear warm clothes at 5pm today!

Yes, the weather apps may say that it is warm here in Finse but don’t be fooled and pack your swim shorts as the wind is very high and the windchill is low. So please. pack your warmest clothes for our first concert of 2019’s Ice Music Festival Norway.

We have battled the weather all week, with high winds and highly unusual warm temperatures - the locals in Finse say that the temperature is for late April, early May - not mid February! That said, staging such a unique festival outdoors requires perseverance, skill and an understanding of working with nature’s elements. After all, we can’t control the climate and the climate is certainly changing!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you in Finse over the next 3 days but don’t forget to pack and wear warm clothes…

If you’ve not booked your concert tickets in advance, please pop over to our TicketMaster shop. We’re really looking forward to welcoming you to Ice Music Festival Norway!

Photographs featured in this news post and across the Ice Music Festival Norway website are taken by Emile Holba.

Ice Music Festival