We’re pleased to announce jam packed programme of amazing musicians and artists who will be performing at the Ice Music Festival Norway in Finse in 2020.

Combining world class musicians and nature’s sensational seasonal gifts of snow & ice, our unique festival offers audiences a chance to experience music created in an icy, aural winter wonderland. 2020 will be our 15th consecutive year channeling the collaborative spirit of music, art & science and 20 years since the magical concept of Ice Music was invented by Terje Isungset!

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Festival Art Exhibition Opening

Oddbjørg Reinton & Eric Mutel

We are very happy to have our own art exhibition this year with many fantastic works of icy art.

Oddbjørg Reinton has been doing art work related to climate problems for more than 20 years. She works as a painter, and was invited to the Ice Music Festival for the first time in 2014 to make paintings on ice. The result was truly magic, and we can´t wait to see what she will create this time.

Eric Mutel has worked with ice since the early 1990´s, creating art with frozen clothes and frozen images. He has been taking part in Terje Isungsets projects since 2005, and this year he will decorate the stage in the Snow and Ice Arena with his photographs developed on ice. He will also make 2020's Ice Music Instruments…


Anniversary Concert – 20 years of Ice Music

Lena Willemark – Vocals

Terje Isungset – Ice percussion, ice horn

Thomas T. Dahl – Ice Guitar

Viktor Reuter – Ice Bass

We are celebrating 20 years of Ice Music in 2020.

The first Ice Music concert ever was in Lillehammer on February 11th 2000, where Terje Isungset invited Lena Willemark, one of Sweden’s most famous folk singers, among others to perform a concert inside a frozen waterfall. During this anniversary concert we will hear some of the music that was first performed at the concert 20 years ago, along with new compositions created on stage by these fantastic musicians.

We have invited back Thomas T. Dahl who played his amazing star-formed ice guitar at the Ice Music Festival in Geilo in 2017, and we are excited to see what he will create this year.

Viktor Reuter is a talented young bass player from Sweden, who recently went touring with Terje and his Ice Music crew in China, so we are very happy to welcome him at the Ice Music Festival Norway for the first time.

This is a dream combination of exciting, creative and amazing musicians, and we are can´t wait to hear them kick off 2020’s festival.



Frozen Sounds

Jo David Meyer Lysne – Steel Ice Guitar & Turntable

Helge Andreas Norbakken – Ice drums

Our 9pm concert will feature something that we´ve never heard before at the Ice Music festival.

Jo David Meyer Lysne will play a LP made of ice (that he will bring from his freezer at home) on a turntable. This will be a historical moment, and we can´t wait to hear the sound of ice played on ice. Jo will also play a Steel guitar made by ice, and we are really looking forward to it!

Helge Andreas Norbakken has played at the festival several times before, warming up chilly audiences with his hypnotic drum rhythms, and was an obvious choice when we were looking for special guests to invite back to celebrate this year´s Ice Music anniversary.

We are looking forward to hearing these to musicians together for the first time, and we know that it will sound literally, cool!


Hint of China

Maria Skranes Vocal, Live Electronics & Ice Percussion.

Sidsel Walstad – Ice Harp

Viktor Reuter – Ice Bass

Terje Isungset Ice horns, Ice Percussion, Ice Drums & Iceofone.

During 2019, Terje Isungset and his ensemble went touring in China for the first time, playing Ice Music in large concert halls. New instruments were created, some new songs were performed, and new sounds were heard for the first time.

For our legendary Midnight Concert, they will perform their China concert set at the Ice Music Festival Norway.

Maria Skranes has been playing Ice Music with Terje for 10 years, travelling all over the world. Her voice blends perfectly with the ice instruments, as you can hear on their latest Ice Music album «Beauty of Winter» that was released in 2018.

Sidsel Walstad has played the Ice harp at the Ice Music Festival 2 times before, and we are very happy to have her back at the festival. She took part in designing the Ice Harp that was made for the tour in China in 2019, and we can´t wait to hear what it will sound like when a new one is made out of ice from Finse.

The full moon has been key feature illuminating the Midnight concert for all 14 Ice Music Festivals, and we hope to see our lunar neighbour mitts its magic vibe, by lighting up the snowy landscape at Finse.


Midday to 14:30PM

A mini Ice Music Film Festival at Finse 1222

Since Terje Isungset started playing Ice Music in 2000, there have been many short films, documentaries, concert videos, interviews and music videos of his work created. We will take a closer look into this at this mini film festival, and tell you more about the history of Ice Music, the ideas, concept development and some untold behind-the-scenes stories.

We will also have a photo exhibition showing fantastic photos taken at the Ice Music Festival from the beginning in 2006 until 2019.

Bjørn Furuseth – photos from the first 10 years of the festival in Geilo.

Emile Holba - ‘The total meltdown’ - photos from the Ice Music Festival Norway 2019, when the arena melted to the ground right before the festival was about to start.

Petter Bergerud – photos from his work with building different ice arenas over the years.


Melting Ice – Science, Music and Nature

Kerim Nisancioglu – Climate talk

Terje Isungset – Ice Music Instruments

Will there be any ice left in 2050?

How will Finse look like in 50 years?

And what about the Finse’s Glacier Hardangerjøkulen ?

Professor Kerim Nisancioglu travels with a group of climate scientists to the top of the Greenland Ice sheet every year to try to find the answers to what is happening to the ice on our planet, and what will happen in the years to come. Kerim and other scientists from the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research have collaborated with Terje for the last 7 years, giving climate seminars combined with Ice Music concerts.

At this concert / climate talk Terje might play a piece of ice from the Greenland Ice cap as a music instrument, presenting science as music.


Ice and Strings

Part One: Sidsel Walstad – Ice Harp

Sidsel has been performing on various Ice Harps as a part of Isungset´s projects and recordings for many years. At this concert she will play alone on her Ice Harp, taking us with her into her beautiful universe.

Part Two: Bendik Baksaas – Ice samples

Bendik is a master of sampling, and makes amazing soundscapes with his electronic music. He will record the Ice harp in Part One, and play it back to the audience together with samplings of other Ice music instruments, creating a unique new sound of ice.


Frozen Beats

Arve Henriksen – Ice trumpet, Ice horns

Helge Norbakken – Ice Drums

Terje Isungset – Ice percussion, Ice drums

The amazing trumpet player Arve Henriksen is well experienced with Ice Music, and took part in the world´s first Ice Music recording session in 2001. Arve is well known all over the world from several solo projects and bands, and has played at the Ice Music Festival several times before – always creating something new and fantastic, and full of near divine energy.

This concert will be a rhythm session with minimum of two drummers - a jam session with special guests and surprises!


After Ice at Finse 1222 (indoor)

DJ Bendik Baksaas - Live Electronics / Samplings of Ice from the concerts.

DJ Bendik will use sound samples from the ice instruments performed at the festival for this dance session. Brand new music, made to make you move and dance the cold away. Heat up the night in Finse 1222’s night club - surely one of the most uniquely placed dance floors in the world. Bring your dance shoes!


If the weather is on our side, the talented guys from Bright in Bergen will try to make a magic laser projection on the Hardangerjøkulen Glacier!

Venue Construction & Scenographics

Throughout the festival there will be scenographic structures in ice and light created by the incredible and industrious team responsible the design and construction of the Ice Music Festival Norway venue. The physical framework for the concert venue is ‘Cold as Ice’ a magical frozen atmosphere that will be built up around the audience and the musicians playing to protect them from the extreme winter climate that Finse offers.

Leadership is provided by Professor Petter Bergerud, who has been building extraordinary structures from snow & ice for decades. Petter will oversee a team consisting of design students of the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design at the University of Bergen.

IMFN Emile Holba 1500 Pixels-88.jpg

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