Terje Isungset


With over 20 years as one of Europe’s most accomplished and innovative percussionists in jazz and Scandinavian music, Terje is a master in taking improvised music far beyond traditional boundaries. He treads the finest line between sound artist and shaman. 

The conceptual founder & Artistic Director of the Ice Music Festival and curator of each programme since the festival’s inception in 2006.

Terje's has performed his unique Ice Music in a bewildering array of countries: Finland, Japan, Poland, China, Russia, USA, Holland, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Sweden and of course Norway.




Pål Medhus

As the Director of Tourism for Geilo & the surrounding Hol Kommune, Pål Knutsson Medhus has long worked at the heart of Geilo’s thriving community and commerce.

Back in late 2005 Pål & Terje Isungset were discussing the ‘pipe-dream’ idea of staging an Ice Music Festival to reflect Terje’s initial success with playing instruments made solely from ice. After a few drinks, Pål & Terje co-founded the Ice Music Festival and staged the first one high up on the mountains overlooking Geilo in early winter 2006.

Worldly & entrepreneurial, the friendly face of Visit Geilo and Ice Music Festival’s compère - Pål is often seen observing from the side lines with a hands-free iPhone guiding business.

A question that puzzles us all - how does his iPhone battery last so long in the cold?

Visit Geilo AS

Bill Covitz

Being flown into the very first Ice Music Festival in 2006 from his native Connecticut, USA proved a fortuitous start to a long standing relationship with Geilo. In short, Bill will cut and carve you anything from ice - this is an ice solid FACT. 

Bill has worked closely with Terje for over a decade to refine and shape each ice instrument. His input has allowed Terje and his guest musicians the freedom to play what many artists consider 'unplayable'. 

Be sure to catch him welding a plethora of chainsaws and blow torches in Gelio in February 2017.

He loves Grand Marnier, the crazy black ruby jewelled Russian variety.


Emile Holba

Professional photographer Emile first approached Terje Insungset in 2008 with the idea of documenting the ice’s journey from it’s ‘birth’ in the secret mountain lakes of Hol Kommune, through Bill’s carving hands and onto the performance stage - before melting back into the land.

Returning the following year to document once more, he became entwined into the festival's vibe. Since those early years, Emile now manages international media - TV, radio and news organisations' coverage of the Ice Music Festival. Emile is also the creator this Ice Music Festival website and all the photographs featured in this site are captured by him too.

Mostly witnessed standing around with a tripod, wearing a ridiculous red jacket and pretending to do some work.


For all international media TV, radio & press enquiries, please reach out to Emile, who'll be happy to assist.

Phone: +44 7780 621405


Helder Neves

Helder has to be the only Portuguese architect living and working in Tromsø, Norway. Seriously.

After volunteering for the Ice Music Festival 2008, Helder soon offered his services as architect and started to model new ice music stages and arenas. His grand designs marry both the practicality of hosting an chilly audience and ice instruments with super visual aesthetic. 

Helder’s Norwegian roots continue to grow away from his native Pombal, Portugal, as he now owns Tromsø's best Aurora Lights tour company - NorthernShot Tours.

The man wears a facemask and white ‘silk’ bomber jacket whilst working in -20ºc. Respect is due. 


Line Ramsvik

2017 will be Line’s second year as general manager of the Ice Music Festival. Ever efficient, Line keeps the wheels turning behind the scenes alongside her main role as the Event Manager for Visit Geilo.

In recent years Line has got to know Geilo and the surrounding Hol Kommune very well, as she was the Project Leader for Geilo National Park Village for 3 years - so if you want all the tips on where to discover hidden gems in our two local National Parks - Hallingskarvet & Hardangervidda. 

If you have any practical or logistical questions about our festival please don't hesitate to contact Line, who will be happy to help.

Phone: +47 97 13 23 83


Adam Olden

Starting his Ice Music Festival journey as a volunteer in 2010, Adam’s chainsaw skills were spied on by Bill and within a year, joined Bill making all the important, primary ice block cuts. 

We champion diversity and Adam’s day job couldn't be further from the frozen vistas of Geilo, with his engineering work taking him across the world - working on contracts in Singapore, the Middle East and Western Australia.

Adam’s epic charity adventures are stuff of legend too, with worthy long term activities in Nepal, India and just about every former Soviet Union state. 


Ice Music Festival Volunteers

Without numerous volunteers over the years, the Ice Music Festival simply would not take place.

Travelling to Geilo from across Europe: Spain, Germany, Sweden, UK, France, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, Holland, Romania and Italy - volunteers put their hands to huge variety of tasks, from building the arena and cooking to organising local promotion to preparing the arena for an evening’s performance. 

The amazing motley crew for #icemusicfestival2017 is:

Sarah Aleck, Leo Middleton, Lily Aleck, Annette Harrington, Paul Harrington, Natalia Gomolinska, Artur Pranga, Numa Fabre, Ben Whitlock, Tanel Jaanimäe, Gemma Payne, Anne Marie Taberdo & Paka  

Faculty of Fine Art, Music & Design - Uni of Bergen

This year we will make a village out of ice. A site with different rooms and atmospheres where there will be small concerts and activities. The landscape and climate are the main constructors that we are negotiating with.

With the temperature making water become the building material “ice” and the wind organising the site - we will test out different spatial structures.

Pupils from Geilo School will participate in a joint venture making a framework for sound, projections and light.

Ice Building Team:

Kristine Matland, Janne Maria Seljelid, Tony Solbakk Skarsten, Martine Falkeid Kommedal, Martine Tislevoll Odland, Karoline Skytterholm Gullaksen, Madelene Holten Larsen, Cecile Dehaye, Camille Rogien, Frida Yggeseth, Kjartan Neckelmann & Orhan Ercan.

Torkell Bernsen, Visual Communicator 

Fredrik Salhus, Media Technician

Charles Michalsen, Experienced Winter Artist

Petter Bergerud, Ice Constructor

The University of Bergen's amazing ice stage for the Ice Music Festival 2016